Lots of Central New Yorkers have been searching for Unicorn Kisses and Dragon Whispers. So what does a Dragon Whisper taste like?

We've been noticing lots of people on Facebook looking for these new limited edition Polar Seltzer Jr cans. They released a bunch of fun new flavors - Unicorn Kisses, Yeti Mischief, Dragon Whipsers and Mermaid Songs. These mini-cans of seltzer are the perfect kid's themed replacement to all those sugary drinks. But the truth is, these are perfect mixers for adult beverages too. We found this batch at the Price Chopper in New Hartford.

Have you tried these new flavors yet? Polar likes to release lots of special limited edition seltzers, so look for them today before they disappear just like summer.

Polar Seltzer Jr Cans
CJ/TSM Utica


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