This whole debate kind of reminds me of the blue and black dress versus gold and white fiasco.

Beth and I found this picture posted in a Facebook group we are both apart of, which involves people posting images of very strange things found at Good Will. Why are we part of this group? There’s some very funny, interesting things in the group. I didn’t think it would come in handy, until now.

We found this and since the day we saw it we couldn’t stop talking about it.

One afternoon last week, Beth and I were discussing something and the photo, once again, popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook. She says to me “it looks like a giant block of mac and cheese.”


First of all, it doesn’t look like Mac and Cheese at ALL to me. I think it looks like a brick of spaghetti-os! Lemme tell ya, you could spot those from a mile away if you ate as many cans of spaghetti-os that I did as a child.

Let’s compare.

Here’s what Mac and Cheese looks like (below are a few different photos to show how many different kinds of mac and cheese there are.)

Eric Meier/TSM
Credit: R Rob M Ferguson/ThinkStock

And now, bowls of Spaghetti-O’s!

Credit: Campbells/Spaghettios via Facebook
Credit: Campbells/Spaghettios via Facebook
Credit: Campbells/Spaghettios via Facebook

So to solve our argument, we posted to Facebook and asked YOU! The majority of you agreed with me and said you thought it was Spaghetti-o’s before even reading the caption. But, there were a few of you who saw outside the box and threw out some different answers. Some said Ramen noodles, some said maggots, others said Cheerios.

Regardless, what a gross looking ottoman/piece of furniture AM I RIGHT? Who knew it would be something worth TWO GRAND!!! Annie grabbed it for 15 dollars at a Good Will in San Diego. What a bargain.