In the spirit of Awwwdorable Pet Wednesday I thought I'd venture down the pet route doggone it! I used to have a cute Lab/Springer mix named Kendra. She had the cutest yawn. Every morning she'd wake me with the longest "owwwwwwweeeeowwwweeee". It was a cross between a howl and a whine. Since I first noticed her doing this the day after Halloween of 1995 I called it a "Hallowhine." She really was an awwwdorable pet and I miss her dearly.  For the most part she was well behaved and good natured but when she got scared she could lash out. As far as I know she only feared two things: women's purses, and shower curtains...I know strange right? Don’t ask me why but whenever she saw either one of these she would growl and scamper away.

According to About.Dogs.Com : thunder, fireworks, veterinarians, riding in the car, going up stairs, men, strangers, and children and are the most common canine fears. My little Kendra's fears were nowhere to be found on the list.

This dog is afraid of doors. Watch how he hilariously deals with his phobias!



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