When we learned on a recent show that actress Sarah Paulson (American Gothic) suffers from Trypophobia--the revulsion for clustered bumps or holes, like honeycombs or coral reefs--it triggered quite a conversation on-air and online.

Paulson called it a "fear" of holes. While this particular affliction has yet to be classified as a fear, and is currently considered a "disgust" or "revulsion," we factored it in and divulged our own issues.

Beth has a special off-shoot of Papyrophobia, which is a fear of paper. In particular, hers is WET paper, like the kind you might see on the sidewalk after it rains, or the sheath that covers the tip of a straw at a bar or restaurant.

Then, the floodgates opened with all sorts of admissions from folks all over Central New York and beyond...

David Thomas told us: "Cold kitchen grease freaks me out! I have to heat it up with steaming water before I can touch it, even to rescue a sponge or spoon." While there does not appear to be a specific name for this, there is something called Blennophobia, which is a fear of slime.

Leanne Handzel copped to Escalaphobia (a fear of escalators), Brenda Ann West has Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces, same as me!), and Michelle Kirchgessner has Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), so she and Indiana Jones can commiserate.

Nyctophobia is fear of the night. Marie Ann has that. And Ann Dobbins says: "Waking up to someone in my house in the middle of the night, that is a fear of mine, always has been."

Do any of these ring a bell with you? Please tell us about your phobias and fears.

Here's a listing of the Top 100 Fears and Phobias, so you can check for yours. Unless you're like Krista Dickson, who told us she's fearless. Must be nice.


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