Extreme cutout jeans don't leave much to the imagination and don't seem very practical. What happens when you wear these jeans in real life? We gave it a try.

Carman Denim, a clothing company based in Los Angeles, is offering 'Extreme Cut Out" Jeans. The jeans, which are basically seams and pockets, retail for $168. We made our own pair from a pair of $10 Walmart jeans and tested the wearability of the minimalist jeans.

(Author's note: this is the great thing about working in radio - you can make your co-host/husband do the most insane things and then laugh hysterically about it - and it COUNTS AS WORKING! #bestjobever)

Courtesy: CarmarDenim.com
Courtesy: CarmarDenim.com

Dave was a willing sport, and just tried to go about his daily business while wearing the extreme cutout jeans and his favorite Star Wars undies (no tighty whities for Dave). 

It didn't go well. 

It's a little hard to concentrate on what someone is saying when they're basically standing there in their underwear. Most of the other employees had to remind themselves to keep their eyes on Dave's FACE rather than elsewhere. Plus it was a little drafty. Of course, there were the requisite jokes about the "morning show package" and Dave's hairy legs.

The Extreme Cut Out Jeans are currently SOLD OUT with a waiting list at carmandenim.com - but we've got a knock-off pair you can borrow!


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