The first full week of broadcast operations in May, 2018 for the Lite 98.7 morning show included some big days, like Teacher Appreciation Day and the now infamous Day Beth & Dave Argued About Sharing a Toothbrush and Central New York Chimed In.

So, we covered personal hygiene and our memories of our favorite teachers and the lessons they taught us. We also wrapped our collective heads around the latest research about the detrimental nature of beach vacations--devastating news for one of us. Click the video above for a compilation of our highlights for the week and/or follow the notes below for the Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of May 5, 2018:

1. Sharing a toothbrush is either gross or natural, depending on your point of view. We started this discussion, based on a stat measuring men's comfort levels with the practice after a certain point in the relationship.

2. Extreme Cut-Out Jeans. All the rage in L.A., if you have $168. If not, you can make 'em yourself, which is what we tried. And you can model 'em yourself, which is what Beth made ME try.

3. Eating with your fingers. Is it okay to use your fingertips in conjunction with a fork? We disagreed on this issue and fielded calls.

4. Beach vacations are bad for you. That's what the research at Purdue University says. You told us what YOU think.

5. National Teacher Appreciation Day. Poignant memories from our childhood. One of us was scarred for life...I mean, uh, experienced an eye-opener.


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