We flip a coin for a lot of reasons--to determine who goes first in a game or sporting event, to decide who performs which household chore, or maybe even just to choose where to go to dinner.

On the Beth & Dave Show, we utilize a coin flip when we can't choose between two funny stories in our daily 8:15 feature Your Momma Must Be So Proud. It was during one of those recent occasions, after we handed Beth the quarter to flip, that we discovered a revelation:

Beth's not very good at flipping a coin.

We have proof. In order to compare, we brought a coin and a camera around the office and asked our co-workers to flip. Here are the video results:

The history of the coin toss dates back to ancient Romans, who called the game "ship or head," while Brits call it "cross or pile," and Peruvians refer to it as "face or seal"--all depending on the images on the coins. We'll be charting Beth's "heads or tails" progress here in Central New York.


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