While you’re in your 20s, it’s that time in life when you almost have a license to be foolish and make mistakes. You live, and learn. But once you've hit 30, it's time to lose some of those bad habits.

Here are some things from SaavySugar.com that you shouldn't do once you're finished with your 20s:

  • Credit problems. Bad credit can cause you problems for years. Clean it up as soon as you can.
  • Smoking. It's extremely unhealthy and let’s be honest, it’s pretty expensive.
  • Shopaholic behavior. Putting all those fun things on your credit card translates into bills and bad credit!
  • Too much drinking. You don't have to stop having fun when you say goodbye to your 20s, but you need to know when, and when not to party.
  • Always needing a guy. Learn to embrace the alone time

What’s more advice you would have to offer on things not to do anymore?