Yeah, we all know - kids have it good. You don't realize it when you're a kid, but once you're an adult and have to deal with normal life situations, it's pretty obvious. These are five reasons why kids have it so easy (and may make you want to head back to mom and dad's for a while).

1 - Being Sick

When you're a kid, your mom or dad takes care of you when you're sick, and it's the best. Soup, cold wash-clothes, your favorite movie or TV show... mom and dad have it covered. When you're an adult that's completely different, especially if you live alone. There's no one around to help you feel better. You have to suck it up, and be an adult about it. Pretty rough, I know.


Child Napping
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2 - Naps

Ah, naps. I've missed you. Sure, as an adult if you can find the time, you can get a nap in. When you were younger though, it was scheduled. You had a nap - every day. Now, it's a luxury. Sometimes it's the saddest part about being an adult.

3 - Eating Whatever You Want

There may have been some restrictions to what you could eat when you were a child, but you didn't have to worry about it. No counting calories, watching sodium and fat intake. As an adult that changes big time. All of a sudden, stopping to get a milkshake means you have to workout for the next three days straight. And that candy bar? Nope. It has been replaced with a handful of fat-free crackers.


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4 - Unexpected Bills

Even if you had allowance when you were younger, unexpected bills never came up. The past two weeks I've been dealing with car issues, and it's costing me more than I planned. That doesn't happen when you're a kid. You don't have to worry about bills, or having money to buy things that you actually NEED (as a kid your biggest worry with money, is to buy what you want).

5 - Time Management

As a kid you're on a schedule - what time you get up, go to school, after school activities, all that. When you're an adult you still have a schedule, but it gets way more complicated. Trying to balance a family life, a social life, and your work life can get pretty hectic. Plus, finding time to make dentist and doctor appointments. Don't forget about getting groceries. The list never ends.


Remember being young and just wanting to grow up so fast, especially so you could make your own decisions. Now as an adult we get to make all the decisions we wanted to, and a hundred others we really rather not deal with (but have to). I don't know about you, but I really could use being a kid again for a few days... maybe even a week - that would be pretty nice.



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