Most of Central New York has gotten back to the daily routine, but you're probably not planning on spending much time outdoors. We've got a list of some stuff that's new on Netflix this month, and some old favorites you might want to revisit.

The movie Coraline was just released on Netflix on March 16th. This stop-motion animated film was originally released in 2009. This adventure is the perfect distraction for the whole family.

Netflix has new arrangements with Disney so there are a few new titles you definitely want to check out. "Disney's Pete's Dragon" and "Disney's The BFG", both released in 2016, are officially on Netflix this week. Get the popcorn and snuggle up with the kids on the couch for these favorites.

If you're looking for a little action, Marvel's Iron Fist Season One is finally here on St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2017). This Netflix Original Series has been highly anticipated, but so far the reviews haven't been great.

You'll also find "Must Love Dogs" and "Million Dollar Baby" along with a slew of new Netflix Original series and movies. You can also still check out the whole Jurassic Park series for now. Sure, there's gotta be something better to do than sitting on the couch, but with 3 feet of snow outside, Netflix and chill sounds pretty good for now.


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