The price of everything continues to go up. Sure, it can be pricey to fly. Not just the tickets, but fees to check your bags, get a couple drinks and of course to leave your car at the Albany Airport for a few days. Or a few weeks. But what about 22 years? Apparently when some people tried exiting the parking garage, their receipt told them they had been parked there since January of 2000 - with some parking bills going into the six figures.

Normally, the price to park in the garage is around $14 a day. In order to reach a bill of $115,000, you would have to have been parked for around 8,210 days. And after that much time, there's little hope your car would even start.

But that's not exactly what happened. Last Sunday night there was a power outage at the airport. It tripped the parking garage computers to roll back to the year 2000, causing some enormous parking bills for some travelers.

Airport spokesman Doug Myers told the Times Union that the situation was somewhat reminiscent of a crisis years ago:

After 22 years, Y2K had its revenge.

Myers said it was a minor glitch that only affected a handful of people who had their cars parked at the airport. Workers at the airport were able to help those who received the major bill and fix it. Nobody actually had to pay the 22 year amount.

I guess the bottom line is, when parking at the airport, use the Economy lot.

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