This man loves the food here in Central New York so much that when he came to visit, he just had to bring home entire suitcases full of authentic Utica specialties.  

Isn't it good to know that some people love "Utica" food so much that they're willing to have it shipped across the country to their own home state?

Former Lite 98.7 personality Dave Skramko paid a visit to his former hometown of Ilion a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Las Vegas doesn't have some his favorite "Utica" foods because he decided to have it flown all the way back to Nevada with him.

Dave Skramko

Dave was kind enough to let me share his pictures from Facebook. Let's start with these!

Oh boy....coming in hot. Half Moons to Vegas. ‪#‎cookies‬‪#‎hollandfarms‬‪#‎halfmoons‬

Dave Skramko


My other goodies made it home. ‪#‎saranacbrewery‬‪#‎uticaclub‬‪#‎tomatopie

Dave Skramko


Dave, was there not enough room on the plane for these?

Eric Meier

Just Jenn and I talked about the "Utica" Food Dave took back to Vegas with him.