A piece of Utica is missing on the Memorial Parkway. You've probably driven past it numerous times over the years. And now that it's gone, you might not even remember what stood there.

Utica's Statue of Liberty has been removed and is undergoing a complete overhaul over the next couple months. The famous replica has resided on the Parkway since 1950, a gift to the city from the Boy Scouts. This was one of 200 statues distributed across the country as part of a 40th anniversary celebration of the group.

Utica's Statue of Liberty Replica
CJ/TSM Utica

The statue, manufactured in Chicago, has certainly weathered. But this restoration effort will return Lady Liberty to her glorious and inspiring state. The Central New York Conservancy is involved with refurbishing the statue as well as the Swan Fountain, which sits on the opposite side of Elm Street. The fountain was last restored in 2004, and will now receive new plumbing upgrades to get it flowing once again.

Swan Fountain in Snow
Central New York Conservancy

The restoration work is being done by Michael Mancini of St. Johnsville. They plan to have the Statue returned in time for the 2017 Boilermaker Road Race.


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