We told you earlier this week about an upcoming stroll on the Memorial Parkway on March 18th to explore the monuments and other history of Utica's parks. Unfortunately, a late winter storm is putting a damper on those plans.

Parkway Monument in Utica
CJ/TSM Utica

There is talk of a Nor'easter heading our way next week. This could leave quite a bit of accumulating snow and mud along the Parkway. The Central New York Conservancy has announced that the planned walk along the Parkway is going to be rescheduled sometime in May.

Even though the guided tour won't be happening for a while, there's lots of history and nature to explore in the city of Utica. The CNY Conservancy has lots of information and maps on their website so you can get out and take advantage of our parks, at least as soon as the weather improves.

The CNY Conservancy is a non-profit group based in Utica. According to their website, their mission is to:

Preserve and enhance the natural environment and features of current or historical significance through design, promoting the widest possible range of beneficial uses. (CNY Conservancy)

Find out more about Utica parks at the Central New York Conservancy.


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