Did you ever wonder about the landmarks and statues that line the Memorial Parkway? Here's your chance to join a guided tour of these historical sites.

The Central New York Conservancy and the Landmarks Society will be offering a walking tour along the Parkway on Saturday, September 30th. Hamilton College Professor Rand Carter and architect Mike Lehman will be along for the tour, giving you some of the history about the monuments, as well as insight into their preservation over the years.

Swan Fountain 2017 - Memorial Parkway Landmark
Central New York Conservancy

From the replica of the Statue of Liberty to the Swan Fountain, and all the military monuments, there's so many fascinating details about these local landmarks. The free half-mile tour beings at 1pm (9/30/17) starting at 1641 Genesee Street - the CNY Conservancy's office. You can find out more on the Conservancy's Facebook page.


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