A land-reuse project in Corning caught my eye and got me thinking about what underutilized parcel in Utica and Central New York we could turn into parkland.

A dilapidated glass factory that was razed 5 years ago is being transformed into a park on the south side of Corning.  From The Leader:

Corning Inc. will foot the project’s entire cost, which the company declined to release.

The park will include:
A tree-lined area with open, grassy interior space.
Shade trees, flowering trees and evergreen trees.
An 8-foot-wide, paved walking trail about a half-mile long.
Ample lighting and security cameras.
An ornamental fence and landscaping.
Several areas with benches and trash receptacles.
Two parking lots at the west end of the site.


What site in Central New York would you turn into a park?

[Corning Leader]