The former Byrne Dairy in New Hartford has been empty for a little over two years. Now, scaffolds surround the building and work is clearly being done. What's going on?

The former Byrne Dairy stands at the corner of Genesee Street and Campion Road in New Hartford - right next to Daylight Donuts. For years, the parking lot was busy, with folks running in and out to grab a newspaper or container of milk. In the summer of 2016, the store went dark when the new Byrne Dairy was built, just a few hundred yards down Campion Road and across the street.

If you've driven or run by the store recently, you may have noticed that there is definitely something happening to the New Hartford store. It started several weeks ago, with cars coming and going, and general activity happening. Now, scaffolds are surrounding the building and the old siding has been removed.

So what's going in the old Byrne Dairy?

You may have heard some of the rumors: a sandwich shop, a retail store, or something else. We did a little research, asking sources at the Town of New Hartford, and nearby businesses. The unconfirmed (but consistent) answer was offices. Everyone we talked to with knowledge of the construction confirmed that new office space would now stand at the corner. (There is STILL a persistent rumor that it could be a gym that's relocating - we'll keep digging on that one!)

Have you heard otherwise? What do you think New Hartford needs - if not office space? Send me an email:

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