The old Twin Orchards building in New Hartford is listed as "sale pending." What could be going in that spot? Could it finally be a Sonic?

In spite of the pandemic, the residential real estate market has been hopping - with  many houses in Central New York selling in days, and sometimes close to or even over the asking price. Locally, some commercial real estate sales have caught the eye of residents.

Recently, Casa Too Mucha in the Village of New Hartford sold to the owners of the adjacent Cliff's gas station. Eventually, both buildings will be torn down to make way for a new, larger Cliff's.

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Now, the former Twin Orchards building is listed as Sale Pending by Pavia Real Estate. The 2400 square foot building was listed for sale at $409,000, and in situated on just over an acre of land. The building is close to the entrance to the new Lowe's and the newer Twin Orchards building - that was built when the Orchards were developed.

So what do you think is going there? Personally, we're still rooting for a Sonic addition to the area - but we're not sure the traffic pattern in that area would really work. Of course, everyone says Wegmans - but there's no way that's going on one acre, and frankly, we're probably never getting one.

What could it be? New Hartford has picked up several chain eateries over in Consumer Square, and there's plenty of empty space there for more retail outlets. Could it be some kind of local business? A car wash? What's your theory?


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