Utica needs a Sonic Drive-In and I'm prepared to prove it.

Recently, we had to drive to Binghamton to watch our daughter play in a softball game. It was a great facility - but let's face it: it's a LOOOONNNGG drive to Binghamton. Binghamton does, however, have something Utica doesn't: a Sonic Drive-In. And let me tell you - even in the pouring rain - it was hopping.

If you're not familiar with Sonic - let me explain. It's kind of like a fast food restaurant, except you pull up outside, place your order, and they bring it out to your car. It's a whole experience. If they could find a way to put a movie screen in there - I'd probably still be there.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

If Binghamton (and Syracuse) can have a Sonic Drive-In, why can't we?

7 Reasons Utica Needs a Sonic Drive-In

  1. Tater tots. There's no arguing that McDonald's makes an amazing french fry - but tater tots are at a whole new level. I would even argue that tater tots are the superior potato preparation. Sonic has them.
  2. Cinnasnacks. Yes, donuts are good - but have you ever had a pastry filled with a fricking Cinnabon that you can dunk in Cinnabon frosting.
  3. It's a DRIVE-IN! You know we always like something a little different when it comes to food - and this just adds a little fun.
  4. Their shakes. You can get regular shakes and you can get hand mixed shakes with Oreos or cheesecake, and you can get a Sonic Blast with Snickers or other candies mixed in. As a chocolate shake expert, let me tell you - they're delicious.
  5. We deserve it. We've good the standards: McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King - even KFC. Haven't we earned something a little different like a Sonic.
  6. A Sonic won't hurt our love of locally-owned restaurants - it'll be a serious flirtation, sure - but we also love to #eatlocal.
  7. Eating and driving can be dangerous - but sometimes you just don't want to get out of the car. A Sonic Drive-In is really about safety, and don't we all want to be safe?

Have you eaten at a Sonic? Do you think we need one here?


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