This headline is sort of like our version of actor Samuel L. Jackson's question about your wallet in the credit card commercial. Except, WE'RE focused on your fridge.

I mean, what would we DO without our refrigerators? And, how much jam can we jam in there? At our house, it seems like some sort of game--Fridge Jenga--every time we try to put something away or take something out.

One thing's for sure: we have a LOT of salad dressing, as the picture above clearly shows. That's like 10 bottles. Does anyone have any more than that?

Or, is there another item that's overstocked in YOUR fridge?

I think we also lead the league in most lettuce tossed in the garbage without using. I guess we INTEND to be healthy every week when we go to the grocery store. But, our wasteful ways tell another story. Here's a current picture of the inner workings of our refrigerator:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

Talk about a kitchen nightmare. And our freezer's even worse:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

How about leftovers? Comedian George Carlin once said in a comedy routine: "Leftovers make you feel good twice. Once, when you put them away, for saving food. And again, when you throw them out, for saving your life."

For me, leftovers are like gold. I just need to get rid of some more lettuce and salad dressing to make room.