Well, we've heard all about the "Sudden Death" and "the Defibrillator," but now get ready for the latest food sensation debuting in 2019 at the Great New York State Fair.

The Cotton Candy Roll aims to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's ice cream rolled up like a burrito into a cotton candy shell. And it's created by the same folks who brought us the wildly popular Milky Bun (the ice cream and warm glazed donut sandwich), which debuted at the Fair in 2017. Tadros Pastries will be serving up both confections this year inside the east end of the Dairy Products Building.

The cost of a Cotton Candy Roll is five dollars. They'll be using scoops of Byrne Dairy ice cream. You can have your choice of about 10 flavors, plus toppings that are 50 cents extra.

The delectable Cotton Candy Roll (or Cotton Candy Burrito) has already debuted at the Arizona State Fair and at a dessert shop in Las Vegas called Creamberry. Here's a sneak peak at the process from Food Insider's YourTube page:

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