Where does New York State rank in the United States for most expensive Thanksgiving turkey?

With the increase of prices on literally everything at the grocery store going into Thanksgiving, for 2022 it may be one of the most expensive Thanksgiving dinners you've ever had. Between supply chain issues and the rising costs of goods, Thanksgiving could look different. Many are looking at cheaper birds other than turkey.

If you stick traditional this year, and go with turkey, are you spending more than ever before? FinanceBuzz collected turkey prices from U.S. grocery stores to find the average cost of a Thanksgiving turkey in each state. They used a 15 pound turkey as the standard for pricing. Prices were collected for Butterball-brand turkeys weighing between 12-26 lbs.

At more than $50 per bird, Alaska and Hawaii have the highest average turkey prices of all the states. In the contiguous U.S., South Carolina has the highest average price at $38.85. Mississippians can expect to pay just $26.35 on average for their Thanksgiving turkey, which is the lowest rate in the nation."

Other southern states (including Texas, Florida, and Louisiana) were all among the top 10 least expensive states for a turkey this year, while the North East seemed to be the most expensive.

What about New York State? Where do we rank on cost?

New York State ranks number nine of the most expensive states to buy a turkey in. The survey found that in New York, we are looking to spend on average $37.35 for a 15 pound bird.

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