A recent study by the Mayo Clinic found empirical proof that allowing your dogs to share your bed with you is detrimental to the quality of your sleep. Kind of devastating news for we dog lovers.

We love those two girls in the above picture. Nikki is the sheepish alpha female in the foreground and Bella is the shy one with the guilty expression in the back. But they DO disturb our sleep, so in keeping with the results of the new study, we got them each a bed that goes on the floor next to our bed.

The first couple of nights were tough, but they eventually got the idea. We asked Facebook Friends to tell us about the sleeping arrangements with their dogs, and the responses were fun.

Liz Davis: "I actually lowered my mattress to the floor so my dog wouldn't hurt himself getting up and down." (This IS becoming a bigger problem for our Nikki, who's 11.)

Stephanie Planty: "Dog only allowed in bed if my hubby away."

Allie McCumber: "I let the cat sleep with me if he wants but the dog isn't allowed on the bed." (Is that because you won't let him up or because the cat won't?)

Maggie Sheehan: "Sorry Beth, animals need to sleep on their own beds."

Lisa Kover: "My dogs are all in a crate/bed that I made for them...a solid piece of furniture." (That is great, Lisa. Also, we may have some work for you at OUR house.)

Lynn Quick: "I have a goldfish."

Thanks for sharing your stories. Feel free to add more any time. And don't forget to check out the pets up for adoption at area animal rescues, like Stevens Swan Humane Society and The Humane Society of Rome, the agencies that gave us our fantastic dogs.


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