July 11 is National Slurpee Day. Slurpee is the proprietary name for a frozen slushy drink trademarked by 7-Eleven. Slurpee has got its very own day, and 7-Elevens across the United States are giving the cold treats away for free on Tuesday, from 7 am - 11 pm.

Unfortunately for those of us in the Mohawk Valley, the nearest participating 7-Eleven is in Syracuse. By the time you account for Thruway tolls and gas, it's probably easier to just pay for the Slurpee ourselves.

Locally, you can find the genuine Slurpee drink in only one location: the Sunoco Gas Station at 5073 Commercial Dr, Yorkville, NY. You're going to have to pay for your Slurpee there.

Even though the day is all about the Slurpee, you can also enjoy its very close relative, the ICEE. In fact, you could say the ICEE is the parent, and the Slurpee is the child because the ICEE was invented first. A Slurpee is just an ICEE sold under a different name.

ICEEs are available from a number of places locally.

  • Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford
  • Auntie Anne's in the Sangertown Mall
  • Target in the Sangertown Mall
  • Walmart Subway on Commercial Drive in New Hartford
  • Burger King in New Hartford
  • Burger King in Chittenango
  • Burger King in Herkimer
  • Burger King in Norwich
  • Burger King in Oneida
  • Burger Kings in Rome (on Black River Blvd and South Madison St)
  • Burger King in Whitesboro
  • Subway in Walmart in Norwich
  • Zurich Movieplex Cinema in Oneida
  • Rome 8 Movie Theatre
  • Walmart Subway in Rome

Enjoy your Slurpee or ICEE on July 11, National Slurpee Day. You can drive to Syracuse to get one for free, or you can buy one locally. Just don't get brain freeze.




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