With the Powerball jackpot growing to a jackpot in the hundreds of millions, we decided to give you a heads-up.  Here are some strategies for picking the perfect numbers (for entertainment purposes only).

You'll need 6 numbers to play Powerball.  First pick five numbers between 1-59 then pick one Powerball between 1-35.

Here are some ideas to get those numbers:

Use a Random Number Generator

Random.org has a generator that will make your quick pick for you.  Don't let the lottery machine do your quick picking.

Play Birthdays, Anniversaries and Lucky Numbers

The numbers that are important to you carry power.  There's a reason those numbers speak to you.  They represent important days in your life or simply numbers that resonate with you.  Use that numerology power to your advantage.

Play Prior Winning Numbers

It's happened before.  There's a reason they've won.  Here's a list of past winning numbers.

Use Fortune Cookies

Go out for Chinese food for lunch today and you'll see that your fortune cookie has numbers printed on them.  Give those a spin.

Plan a trip to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin city has a strip of road known as the Miracle Mile.  Convenience stores there have sold more million dollar winners than anywhere else in America.

Whatever method you use, good luck!

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