Sending Christmas cards. It's one of the 12 Pains of Christmas in the famous song by Bob Rivers. Right along with Rigging up the lights and Finding a Christmas tree.

There are basically four categories of Christmas card givers and each type goes along with certain identifiable personality traits and characteristics. Maybe you can spot yourself...

1. Box of Traditional Cards Guy or Girl

You go to Target or Walmart and select a box of cards that you send to everyone on your list.

ANALYSIS: You are a solid citizen, you're a reliable friend, you obey the law, but you sometimes have a difficult time opening up to the idea of new ways and experiences.

2. Personalized Card Guy or Girl

You shop at Hallmark or some similar specialty store and choose a different card for EACH of the people on your list.

ANALYSIS: You have a tough time making decisions, like choosing a paint color for your living room, but you're also recognized as the person who sees and appreciates the individual spirit in everyone you know. You've been known to overspend at times.

3. Family Photo Card Guy or Girl

You dig through the year's Camera Roll and pick four or five pics that represent the current state of your family and/or friends. Two off-shoots of this type: the person who selects just ONE photo to represent her family AND the person whose card shows a shot of his family vacationing in some exotic Caribbean locale.

ANALYSIS: You're a trendsetter, always ahead of the curve, and you're very creative. But, some of your friends think you're a little TOO perfect and fantasize about using a voodoo doll against you.

4. Family Newsletter Guy or Girl

In lieu of an actual CARD, you write and send a lengthy report, featuring details about each member of your family, including the status of your pets.

ANALYSIS: You have WAY too much time on your hands and you were probably the kind of kid who was kind of ignored (maybe a middle child?), but the good news is you're always the "go-to" person for important family facts.

No matter which four of these types you are, or even if you're stuck transitioning between types, good luck with your holiday cards. And, a personal note from OUR family: We'd rather not see you wearing bathing suits on a beach in the Bahamas.


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