This time of the year is generally the worst time for your National Grid bill. You’re busy setting your heat to 62 trying to save money. Either way, you have to pay the bill every month unless you want to live in the stone age. This guy in Whitesboro thought he could get a free ride.

WIBX is reporting that a Whitesboro man is being accused of using over $4,000 worth of electric and gas from National Grid and not paying for it. Whitestown Police say 47-year old Jody has been living in a mobile home that was owned by a friend who died in January of 2010.

Police say over the past two years, Jody has been using National Grid in the home but never changed the name on the account and never paid a bill. He's being charged with grand larceny and theft of services.

Why didn't National Grid just turn this guy off?

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