Every area has it's own particular vernacular. Words or expressions they use that most others don't. I get it. Could someone explain what happened to the "...er" in Central New York?

In New England, they call sprinkles "jimmies" and they call subs "grinders." Whatever. Central New York has it's own unique expressions too. One of my favorites is the tendency to call hamburgers and cheeseburgers "hamburgs' and "cheeseburgs." Where'd the "er" go? Did some poor guy ordering a burger years ago offend someone and it was "off with your ER!"

I love burgers as much as the next person - possibly more - and I understand wanting to get from the ordering phase to the eating phase as rapidly as possible, but I'm not sure that much time is saved by simply chopping off the end of the word.

If there is some sort of Central New York legend to go along with this local lingual custom, let me know. Until then, I'll take some fries with my cheeseburg. 

BONUS VIDEO (because you can't get enough burgers):

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