OK, we all know why the chicken crossed the road right? There are multiple answers to that question, but the harsh reality is that sometimes the chickens don't make it across the road at all.

Most people assume that the chicken always crosses the road to get to the other side. This is true in most cases, but sometimes the chicken feels compelled to plop down right between the yellow lines. What is that fowl thinking? Does he have a death wish? No the bird is actually defying his own reputation. Ya see, people have called him a chicken his entire life and he's tired of being labeled "a chicken." He's often misunderstood, and he's out to prove a point.

The chicken was indeed trying to get smashed by an oncoming vehicle in the hopes of being turned into a billion pieces. He'd heard that he could be of use to others and that people wanted to eat him. This chicken eventually died a noble death. This chicken died a martyr.

Note: There are some chickens who are mowed down during the process of trying to make it ALL the way across the road. It certainly is tragic that these chickens had to die, but these birds weren't saintly in the least. They were operating in their own best interest, with the sole purpose of trying to get to the other side of the road so they could participate in an organized crime ring.

Just Jen and I chatted about my long road trip to Beardslee Castle.