March Madness has arrived, and for the next three weeks, it will have the full attention of millions of men around the country. Also, if you hadn't noticed, there are some cheerleaders involved that men will be starring at. What about Male cheerleaders?

Helping out the cheerleaders are a bunch of dude cheerleaders, which might seem odd but shouldn't. Here are some good reasons from the The Smoking Jacket why you should actually like male cheerleaders.

  • The "sport" of cheerleading was actually created by a guy named Johnny Campbell at the University of Minnesota.
  • Male cheerleaders have, at times, had to fight to be allowed to join the female-dominated "sport."
  • These guys have incredible strength, and a huge responsibility to keep the girls from falling on their heads.
  • Samuel L. Jackson was a cheerleader.

Also the skit from SNL is pretty funny too.