I won't be decorating my house for Christmas this year. Here's why....  How elaborate are you going with your home's Christmas decorations? I've only attempted to hang up outdoor house lights once ever. There are a few reasons I won't be doing it again anytime soon!

It's Too Cold

I'd much rather be inside in my warm home on my plush couch admiring my next door neighbor's light show. It's comforting to know that on January 2nd I'll be resting in my warm bed while Bob across the street attempts to climb a slippery, frozen ladder in sub-zero weather. His eyebrows will be frozen and he'll probably be carrying a staple remover and an extension cord reel. Meanwhile I'll be carrying a lot of shame and guilt for not offering to help.

There's Too Much Competition

Now don't get me wrong I'm a pretty competitive person but when it comes to attempting to outshine my neighbor's light show, I won't even try. He's got hundreds of dollars invested in reindeer that really fly, mechanical elves that build toys, and snowmen that actually come to life. My logic is this: Why would I want to spend three or four hours of my time when my efforts will probably go unnoticed? I simply can't compete with a guy whose license plate reads: "1ITE-BRYT."

It's Too Much Work

I don't mind hard work. I do mind hard work that yields little return. Hanging Christmas lights is one investment that yields no profit. I don't get paid for doing this job. In fact I end up paying to do it once the outrageous electric bill arrives.

In case you're wondering, I'm not really a scrooge. I have an immense appreciation for other people's light shows including this one here! It's an oldie but it's a goody!

Speaking of light's, We've just kicked off "Lites" 12 Days of Christmas!



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