Women forget stuff. Sometimes more often than men - but there's a theory as to why.

Granted, it's completely my theory - only marginally based in science - but it works and I'm going with it. Hear me out.

There's no question women carry a great mental load than men. We have to be the "Knower Of All Things" - what does this cord go to? Where are my soccer cleats? What's little Suzie's favorite cookie? Did I have a mammogram this year? Have I scheduled the kids flu shots this year? What's for dinner?

It's exhausting.

From there - it's just simple math: if you're remembering 1,987,698,234 pieces of information at any given time - you're gonna forget something.

That also goes for the pulled pork I was making in the crockpot - 8 hours on low turned into 18 hours with a hint of pathogens. FINE. I forgot.

Women are always thinking about something. If we're a asleep - we're still thinking. Hopefully, we're thinking naked with Adam Levine, but I digress.

Guys don't have the same issues. They're able to focus on their few areas of expertise and can count on a reminder from their significant other as to WHEN to get it done.

Ask a man, "What are you thinking?" 9 times out of ten, they'll say "nothing" - AND THEY'LL MEAN IT!

Ask a woman what she's thinking...and then settle in with a coffee - because she'll tell you. Sidebar guys: if you ask your wife what she's thinking and she says "nothing" - it's definitely NOT nothing and you might want to ask yourself why your coffee tastes a little funny.

That's my theory - women are thinking so much, something will eventually slip through - not unlike birth control: we're 99.9999% effective.

But we still know where your other shin guard is.

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