Since New York restaurants with outdoor seating may soon be accommodating dogs, it only makes sense to add a list of menu selections for our canine friends right? California, Maryland, and Florida already have a law in effect that allows dogs to dine with their owners at dining establishments that offer outdoor seating. It looks like the Empire State will be next in line.

Dogs could soon be allowed to join their owners in the outdoor dining areas of restaurants in New York State under a measure passed by state lawmakers. The so-called 'dining with dogs' bill passed the Assembly Tuesday after passing the Senate last month. It now heads to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a signature.

If I was a New York restaurant owner with an outdoor deck or patio, I would start brainstorming for creative menu options for dogs. Just think of the clever "doggie" dish ideas our local restaurants could originate. Let's take Babe's for example; one of my favorite selections there is the "Boneless Rib Dinner." How many pooches will be drooling over this culinary delight when they catch a whiff of their owner's meal? How many dog owners would be willing to part ways with some of their delicious rib dinner to satisfy Rover or Max? I know I wouldn't. That's why restaurant managers should be be busy creating "doggie" dishes that complement the people food. Here's something else to consider: We'll no longer need to take our leftovers home in a doggie bag.

I have several friends who own dogs. Sometimes they'll turn down an opportunity to go out to dinner with me because they're afraid to leave Bella, Sadie, or Ralphie at home by themselves for an extended amount of time. Once this bill gets signed, "dining with dogs" will be a mainstay....wait isn't that a dog food brand?

This morning "Just Jen" and I talked about doggie dining. We discussed the benefits of dining with our pooches and the extra special love and attention we often receive on the behalf of our cute pups when we're out in public. Then again, maybe this scenario only applies to single people.