Will Smith, Jaden Smith, and a handful of other celebrities have invested in "JUST Water" - An environmentally-friendly company located in Glens Falls, New York.

Those rumors were true! Will Smith DID visit Glens Falls last week. He stopped by to meet with the press about his investment in the company "JUST Water." Will and his son Jaden were seen around the town last Thursday, and pictures began to show up on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets.

Another picture of Will and Jaden stopping by Samantha's Cafe in Glens Falls also made its way onto Instagram:

You're probably wondering what Jaden and Will Smith have to do with "JUST Water," and why the celebrities were in town on Thursday. According to Vanity Fair,

[Jaden] was taking us on a tour of the well site and factory of JUST Water, his seven-year-in-the-making sustainable water-bottle project based out of Glens Falls, New York...

JUST Water looked into many cities and towns across the country and found Glens Falls, New York - And that's where they decided to team up with the city to open their business. The company prides itself on its environmentally-friendly approach, using 100% spring water from the Glens Falls Watershed. The bottles and packaging are also better for the environment (compared to other companies). You can learn more about the steps JUST Water is using to leave less of a carbon footprint here.

You can also see more on why JUST Water chose Glens Falls, and what kind of impact the company will have on the community in the video below:

Will Smith and Jaden Smith aren't the only celebrities investing in JUST Water, either. Queen Latifah, Calvin Harris, Jada Pinkett Smith and Lionel Richie are also investors - Along with 92 other people.




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