With all the beautiful weather we've been having lately, I had to spend my weekend outside, soaking up that sunshine. I decided to hike out to Fox's Falls in Ilion and check out 'The View' in this week's 'New to Naomi.'

It's another 'New to Naomi,' this time I spent my weekend in Ilion to do some outdoor exploring. I hiked out to Fox's Falls - which was a real treat (since I've actually never seen waterfalls before). It was a pretty nice hike through the woods, and the scenery was absolutely amazing!


After staying at Fox's Falls for a little bit - just taking in the beauty, I headed up the trail to 'The View.' The View is this beautiful area that overlooks Herkimer and Ilion, and the surrounding areas. That part of the hike was a little rough - it's a pretty steep climb. But in the end it was totally worth it. The View was breath-taking! Check out the pics below from Fox's Falls and the look from 'The View.'


It was such a fun weekend to spend outdoors exploring. I'm hoping next weekend is beautiful as well, so I can do some more outside adventures for 'New to Naomi.' I wonder where I'll end up next weekend!




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