Rumors are going around that Will Smith has been in the Glens Falls area. There's even a video that could possibly be him.

Will Smith in Glens Falls??

Well, it's quite possible - and the rumors are looking more true and more true.

Here's what happened...

Yesterday a video was posted on Facebook that was believed to be Will Smith and his crew in Glens Falls. It's hard to tell for sure if it's him - The video is shot from a distance. You can see the video for yourself here (Warning: NSFW - Language).

Whether you think that's Will Smith in the video or not, there is more to why people believe it was him in the area. According to NewYorkUpstate, is true that he recently invested in Glens Falls environment friendly water company Just Water.

So rumors started going around that Will Smith was in the area to meet with the press about his investment. But here's where stuff gets really good...

The South Glens Falls Village Views Facebook Page posted a photo and mentioned that Liz Wilcox (the co-owner of Samantha's Cafe) was excited that Will Smith and his son Jaden were in her shop (with the press) meeting about "Just Water."


On the Instagram account of Samantha's Cafe there is a group picture with the claimed Will Smith and Jaden. The picture looks real, but you can be the judge. (see the photo here).

Seems like some pretty good evidence that Will Smith came to Glens Falls. But nothing has been confirmed from Will Smith or his reps.




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