When winter weather strikes Central New York, there are plenty of things you expect to see in the roadway: plows, folks shoveling, salt and a swan...wait, what?

Local resident Jonathan Meyer did a double-take when he saw a large swan strolling down the center of Ridge Road in Oriskany. Fortunately, Jonathan was able to stop his car before the swan's goose was cooked, and instead of getting a Christmas dinner fit for the Cratchits, Jonathan got a few pictures of the not-so-ugly-duckling.

(That's pretty much all the swan/goose jokes I have right there.)

So why is a swan hanging around in Central New York in the winter? While it hasn't been determined where this particular swan came from, in general, swans don't migrate that far.  According to Audubon, they are capable of surviving in the winter, so long as they have access to water that isn't frozen and some food.

So if you're missing a swan, it's in Oriskany, presumably waiting for it's Uber to show up.

Credit: Jonathan Meyer/TSM
Credit: Jonathan Meyer/TSMyou



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