How long have we waited for proof that there are zombies present in Utica?

The long wait is over; WKTV has confirmed that there are indeed zombies present right here in Utica. In fact, the Mohawk valley is plagued with these life less, frightening, and ghastly looking entities.

"If you look down the street you have many beautiful houses, you're in a residential neighborhood, and here you have this blight on this block and it's really causing a problem in suburban communities across NY State," said Brindisi.

Glen Suter is all too familiar with zombies near his Utica home. For him and his family, it's not just ugly; it's potentially unhealthy. Ok, you may have gathered by now that I'm not referring to actual flesh eating zombies. I'm talking about "zombie properties:" vacant, abandoned homes that plague otherwise decent neighborhoods. How do you know if you've spotted a "zombie?" They often have unkempt lawns with tall grass, and an overall appearance of lifelessness. Many of these homes have gone into foreclosure. Recently, Senator Brandisi decided he was going to do something about the zombie epidemic:

I think I have a zombie living in my Utica neighborhood too. It's making everyone on my street nervous and fearful. We're all afraid our property value will drop in a matter of months if this ugly situation isn't dealt with. The other day, I got so angry about the appearance of this particular home that I actually walked over and mowed the lawn myself!

Do you have a good zombie story? Today, Just Jen and I discussed "zombies" in Utica.



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