When I think of the 1980's, I recall big hair, white washed jeans, and oh yeah these TV commercials featured on WKTV!

Do you have a favorite TV commercial from the 1980's? My all time favorite has to be the "Where's the Beef?" Wendy's commercials.

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for John Denver too. I've seen him sing in concert at least two times. Whenever I have a hard day, I turn on some JD and my struggles seem to melt away. Here he is with his vintage Raisin Bran commercial from 1987.

When I think of WKTV in  the mid-eighties, I'm also reminded of legendary reporter Bill Warden and his masterful delivery. And who can for get Lyle Bosley, Dick Lawler, and Sandy Arnn? WKTV also brought us some vintage TV commercials. I was a proud owner of the Altra Plus razor featured in this mix. Wow! This commercial montage even features a commercial for the Sony compact disc player. What's that? Yeah I nearly forgot too!

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