Meet Hallee, an autistic young lady who had her heart broken when no one showed up to her birthday last year. Let's help her have a better one this year.

Hallee's cousin Rebecca Lyn, posted on Facebook earlier this week asking for help. She explains her cousin Hallee is an amazing young woman with so many talents. She went on to say last year on Hallee's birthday, they threw a party. Hallee was so excited to go bowling, eat cake, and hangout with all her friends. Unfortunately, no one showed up. No one. Check out her Facebook post below:

Imagine that happening to you. You're all excited for a party (especially if it's for your birthday), and no one comes. Imagine the heartbreak you would feel. Imagine everything you would question about yourself and about your friends.

Hallee's birthday is coming up in July. Let's help her have greatest one yet! Let's show her the kindness and generosity this world still has to offer. You can send birthday cards to:

Hallee Sorenson
34 Wellesley Way
Bangor, ME 04401



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