Don't talk. Do. That's what 3 women are doing after hearing several complaints about garbage around Rome, New York.

Justine Rose O'Brien, Leigh Loughran and Sarita Ruiz teamed up to pick up trash that kept popping up on Facebook in photos. "A guy kept posting pictures on Facebook so we offered to come help clean it up. If you have time to stop and take photos surely you have time to clean up even just a little," says O'Brien.

The ladies showed up, garbage bags in hand and in less than 20 minutes, the area was clean. "The three of us came and left and no one else did. Just because Earth Day is over it doesn't mean the clean up is done."

Justine O'Brien

The clean up continues as the women plan to work on Canal Street this weekend. "It's not about complaining, it's about getting people's attention and saying 'let's do something different.'"

So stop complaining and start cleaning!

Justine Rose O'Brien

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