Lowe's home improvement store in Rome recently displayed an act of Patriotism by  creating designated parking spaces for Purple Hearts and military veterans.

The Lowe's store in Rome could be deemed: "Veteran's Central," because there are a number of former military personnel currently working there including: Jason Tuttle, John Coe, Art Patterson, Ron Weyant, and Store Manager, Adam Tesmer.

Recently, the Lowe's crew felt compelled to do something to honor our military men and women so they enlisted the help of a few others to create specially reserved parking spots.

Ron Weyant


Ron Weyant

This demonstration of loyalty to one's country, and fellow military personnel has been a long time coming in Central New York, and our community thanks you for your service. We also appreciate your dedication to raising public awareness through this patriotic project.

The parking space dedication ceremony will take place Friday June 10th at 10am.


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