It's another Friday, which means it's another 'Would You Rather' question! This time you have to chose between two delicious foods.

Bacon Sticking Out of a BLT Sandwich
Photo by: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News

This week on the Workday Kick-Off, Matt and Naomi are doing their first ever McDonald's 'Feed Me Friday.' To celebrate the start of this feature, they decided to do a full food-based show.

To follow the trend of food, food, and more food - it only made sense for this week's 'Would You Rather' question to be food-related. And it's a tough one. Here we go...

If you could only eat one of the two options for the rest of your life (you HAVE to give up the one you don't chose), would you rather give up bacon or cake?
*Cupcakes are considered cake - just so you know.

Naomi Lynn asked Matt this tough question - His response? He would give up the cake. Actually, most men that answered this question gave up cake, and most women gave up the bacon, believe it or not. (again, that's MOST, not all).

So what would you give up - The bacon or the cake? Join the conversation -
(315) 721-0987. And you can always speak your mind in the 'comments section' below.




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