For Today's 'Would You Rather' Question, Matt and Naomi ask you to chose between two items you probably use every single day of your life.

Technology is great, isn't it - We can contact friends and family who live hundreds or even thousands of miles away, we can send texts and calls, we can find out the latest news and what's going on in the world - and it's all at our fingertips. So what happens when we have to go without?

This week's 'Would You Rather' Question is all about technology, and it's all about choosing between two things - which one would you rather go without.

In a world that is so connected with smartphones, smart TVs, laptops and notebooks, and everything else in between, it's hard to imagine having to give up something that keeps us so... 'in the loop.' But that's what we ask you to do this week, in this 'Would You Rather.'

Check out the video below for today's question, and for Matt and Naomi's answers - which once again, they couldn't agree on.


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