Here we go again - It's another 'Would You Rather' question! This time we're talking about more cash or extra time...

You're probably already starting to lean towards an answer without knowing the question. It just depends on your financial situation and your schedule. Time and money are always big factors in everyone's life - Some people need extra time in their life, some people would rather have extra cash. Well, this "Would You Rather" question wants to give you both... to an extent.

We say "wants to give you both" because the 'extra cash' option would not require more time on your part, and the 'extra time' option would not change your finances...

It's probably better if we just ask the question...


Would You Rather -
Work your current job for the next year - At double the amount of money you make now
- OR -
Have the next full year off - And get paid what you make now?


Tough one, we know. Let us know what situation you would rather be in - You can vote in the poll below:


You can also leave a note in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, or leave a comment on our Facebook Page and tell us why you chose your answer.



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