This week's '98 Second Video' will give you a BIGGER peek at some of the things that happen behind-the-scenes at Lite 98.7.

Last week, we gave you your first behind-the-scenes look at the radio station (you can watch that video here, or at the bottom of this page). But Naomi Lynn explained in the video that it was hard to show everything in 98 Seconds. That's why she decided to show you a little bit more of the radio station. Instead of looking at the busy days most on-air personalities have, she wanted to show you the fun side. The ridiculous side.

So what happens while Naomi is taking a break from work? Well as you can see from the video (at the top of this page), she makes sure she has her fun (and gets a little carried away sometimes, too). Whether it's dancing in the studio, "sword"-fighting with coworkers, or trying to prank someone, you never really know what's going to happen at the radio station.

You know what they say though - Work hard, play hard... Right?!



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