It's Friday! That means JR and Naomi Lynn have another 'Would You Rather' question, and it's a tough one this week.

For the past few months, JR and Naomi Lynn have brought back the ridiculous questions that would never happen in real life (well, for the most part), that is "Would You Rather."

Last week they asked,

Would You Rather - Make headlines for saving someone's life, or become an internet star like Chewbacca Mom or TRON Guy?

JR said he would rather be remembered for saving someone's life. Naomi didn't feel the same - She would rather go down in history as an internet star... As long as it was for something good (and not like that Britney Spears Guy "Leave Her Alone!"). Although, we don't think she gets to choose what she becomes an internet star for.

So that gets us to today's "Would You Rather" question. Are you ready??

Would You Rather - Go back and re-live one particular day in your past (of your choosing), OR experience an unknown day in your future?

Let us know which situation you would rather be in - You can vote in the poll below:

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