We're into October, it's fall, and now we're heading into the end of the year. That means there's a lot of Holidays and events coming up. So, which one is the best?

(Photo by Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images)

Being a kid, Halloween and Christmas was always top on the list - Candy and gifts, what could be better, right? As we get older, our view on those things change, at least in one way or another.

With four 'big' holidays coming up, which one is the best? Are you still into Halloween - dressing up, maybe taking the kids out for Trick-or-Treating? Or do you love Thanksgiving - getting together with the family, and eating until you can't eat anymore?

Naomi Lynn asked Matt which Holiday coming up was his favorite. His response? He's a Christmas guy. Naomi Lynn, on the other hand, loves New Year's Eve - It's actually her favorite holiday.

The Workday Kick-Off team thinks most people are going to like Christmas the best. It just seems like that's the answer everyone goes for. What's going to come in last? Well, Naomi Lynn thinks Thanksgiving is going to have the least votes - after all, it is a lot of work for a lot of people.

So, we're asking you - What End-of-the-Year Holiday is your favorite? Vote below!

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