Setting off fireworks became legal in Oneida County in 2016, with the override of County Executive Anthony J. Picente's veto.

Still, some folks are wary about allowing their children to use fireworks--probably because they remember their own stupidity with explosives when THEY were kids. We asked our Facebook Friends to chime in on this topic: What dumb fireworks stunts did you pull as a kid that you would NOT let your kid do today? Y'all did some crazy stuff back in the day...

Tommy: "Putting firecrackers in GI Joe's joints as he parachutes"

Scott: "The good old mailbox with a m80."

Todd: "Putting lady fingers in the mouth and biting down, then  lighting them."

Kevin: "Bottle rockets in the end of a fishing pole and shooting them at Brad 30 yards away."

Chip: "Threw .22 ammunition into an outdoor granite fireplace."

Chris: "Firecrackers inside Nerf darts."

Mike: "Shooting rockets into open windows."

Leslie: "Taking a Brillo pad to a coat hanger and lighting it and swing it in circles watching the sparks fly AND ALSO gun powder in 35mm film cases - drill hole in top place fuse and light it."

Bill: "We used to throw bottle rockets in the air so they would take off under acceleration and go farther, but sometimes we would time it wrong and throw too early and the bottle rocket would turn around and start to fall back to earth as if lit up - so it would be rocketing towards you at full speed. I got a wicked knot on my head from one of those."

And Bill again: "We also would put a bottle rocket in a bottle and light it as another friend would knock on a door. So they would open the door to their house, HOPEFULLY at just the right time for the bottle rocket to go shooting past the person who opened the door and into their house. Fortunately that didn't ever happen."

If you have any to add, send 'em in, Jerome.

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