The iPhone has a new feature that can help save your life in an emergency, and all it takes is a few clicks of a button on your phone. Did you even know you had this option?

Emergency SOS is a new safety feature for iPhones running iOS 11. It will automatically dial your local CNY emergency number when you click the power button on the side of your phone 5 times and select Emergency SOS.

According to Apple:

"When you make a call with SOS, your iPhone automatically calls the local emergency number.

You can also add emergency contacts. After an emergency call ends, your iPhone alerts your emergency contacts with a text message, unless you choose to cancel. Your iPhone sends them your current location, and, for a period of time, after you enter SOS mode, it sends updates to your emergency contacts when your location changes."

Using the 'Health' app, you can even add medical information and contact information that can be accessed in case of an emergency.

For details on the capability of this app, go to

Make sure you set this app up on your phone, in the hopes that you'll never need to use it.



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